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Benelli, Motor Aroma Italy Chinese innards

Recently, the name Benelli has attracted considerable attention to the Indonesian motorcycle market. Some of its products have begun to target the upward trend in the sport bikes segment. A new Indonesian actor, Benelli has a solid capital bearing the name of an Italian motorcycle. However, the fundamental question is to what extent Benelli enters Indonesia.

Learning from the experience of the Bajaj who left Indonesia because it was not a commitment to build a factory, it was a lesson for Benelli.

The Italian motorcycle brand based in China is preparing an investment in the manufacturing sector under the flag of PT Benelli Motor Indonesia (BMI), the holder of the Benelli brand in Indonesia. If that happens, Benelli is like "Wuling" on the four-wheel market that dares to surpass Japan's dominance by building a factory in Cikarang, Bekasi.

"We want to show that we are serious, so to answer people's doubts, Benelli can survive or not, one of them is that we have a global launch in Bali." The second is Benelli's seriousness. Indonesia), we discussed internally between (the parties) myself and Benelli QJ for more investment, moving from assembly to manufacturing, "said PT BMI director Steven Kentjana Putra in Tirto.

On Saturday (10/20), Benelli QJ - Benelli's parent company in China - together with PT BMI, organized the worldwide launch of three new Benelli products in Nusa Dua, Bali. The three products, namely Benelli TRK 251, 502 C and 752 S.

Benelli QJ has instructed Indonesia to hold this event to show the seriousness of its activities in Indonesia. However, the three products will not be immediately sold in Indonesia. According to Steven, only TRK 251, an adventure model, could be commercialized in the near future.

"I take the market there and there are not many competitors. (Benelli TRK 251) could be launched in 2019." said Steven.

The arrival of Benelli's parent company in Indonesia is not limited to the introduction of three new products. Benelli QJ has promised to invest in Indonesia to build a Benelli motorcycle manufacturing plant. "I can declare the amount (investment) of 50 million dollars (about 750 billion rupees) .The most expensive infrastructure we have to buy land in industrial areas, not yet building factories, not to equipment, "said Steven.

Indonesia is positioning itself as the world's third largest motorcycle market after China and India have been designated by Benelli QJ as Benelli's production base in Southeast Asia. In short, BMI has the opportunity to benefit from exports to neighboring countries. "Benelli wants in Indonesia not only a national base, but also exports to Southeast Asia.All types that can be promoted in Indonesia and demand from Southeast Asia, we may be able to manufacture (in Indonesia), "said Steven.

Benelli was aware of not directly managing the dominance of Japanese automakers, such as Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki, who had been operating for a longer time in Indonesia.

They will enter a special market segment in order to benefit from more opportunities. "We used to play in the premium scooter market with Zafferano 250 products. After two giants (Honda, Yamaha) played (premium scooters), I knew myself, looking for more markets, "Steven said.

Over the past two years, Benelli has focused more on retro motorcycle niches. Today, BMI markets four retro motorcycle products, namely Benelli Pentagonian Eagle 250, Benelli Motobi200, Benelli Motobi Evo 200 and Benelli Motobi 152. These four products are marketed at prices of 18.9 million rupees for Motobi 152 and the most expensive. Patagonian Eagle IDR 35.6 million (on the road to Jakarta).