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Best cellphone camera: Is there an expensive or cheap cellphone?

In the last 10 years, camera technology in smart phones has grown so rapidly. Now, the great distance between prosumer cameras and smart phone cameras has been eroded, especially on higher smart phones at exorbitant prices. But, is it really the best camera on these expensive phones?

Enter the Night Sight mode. This mode is one of the features of the camera that Google has launched into the ecosystem of its Pixel smart phones. According to many technology watchers, the Night Sight feature has been touted as a revolution in smart phone cameras.

How to come?

With this feature, the Pixel mobile phone camera is able to produce images with results almost identical to those of professional cameras that are worth tens of millions when capturing photos under extremely light conditions minimum. All this is done without using a tool in the form of a flash and is purely dependent on image processing via processed software or machine learning.

Popular Science reports that Night Sight mode combines several images, such as HDR mode. However, in this mode, some images are captured with long exposures of up to two seconds. This process is then combined with the detailed images captured by the camera on the frame with a short exposure to obtain sharp images.

To minimize noise (disturbance in the form of rough, ugly white dots that appear when you shoot in the dark), Google uses special software technology to analyze a number of captured shots and recognize the noise that appears. After that, the software will eliminate the noise.

On professional cameras, the sensor is large, which is virtually impossible to lock on the body of a smartphone.

The commentators of the smartphone congratulated him. "[Night Sight] could change the game of mobile photography," wrote The Verge reporter Vlad Savov when testing the feature for the first time in October.

If you look at the results of the photos, do not be surprised if you are tempted to buy them. Unfortunately, the prices of Pixel smart phones can be hard to reach by those who are unwilling to spend more than 10 million rupees just for a smartphone. Pixel's mobile phone line selects a selling price that is almost identical to that of Apple's Apple smartphone, too expensive for many people.

Google Pixel Line is famous for its cool camera since the launch of the first series. At that time, Pixel Cameras was designated as the smart phone camera that had the highest score on the DxOMark evaluation list, an independent institution that specifically measured the image quality of smartphone, camera and video production. of camera lenses, in 2016.

The question is: what is the difference in photo quality between expensive phones such as Pixel, Galaxy S or iPhone with, for example, cheap mobile phones such as Xiaomi's Pocophone? Will the money we spend match the results of the photos we receive from these cell phones?

A small survey conducted by the well-known technology of the United States, YouTuber, Brownlee Brands, could perhaps answer this question.

Choose expensive or cheap?

In the video of almost twenty minutes, Warganet asked to rate 16 smart phones considered to have the best image results at once.

Smart phones include Samsung Galaxy Note 9, iPhone X, iPhone X, Huawei Mate 20 and P20 Pro, LG V40, Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 3, Razer Phone 2, BlackBerry KEY2, RED Hydrogen, Moto Z2, OnePlus 6T, HTC U12 +, Pocophone and Palm were recently launched.

Brownlee has interviewed a number of photos of each phone via her Twitter and Instagram accounts. "Instagram is a reasonable platform [to use] because it's usually where people see pictures," Brownlee explained.