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Captain Pogba and Why Captain's Position Is Important and Quaint

A captain's armband wrapped around his arm can make the footballer look better. Wrapping the fabric on the arm is a form of authority of a team player. Regardless of player position, the captain's voice will be "heard" every inch of the pitch. Even when he was silent, in a maximum situation, the expression of his face could signal to his colleagues.

If it was said Frédéric Antonetti, the Nice coach who had catapulted the name of Hugo Lloris, the great captain did not even need to talk much; the great captain is the person whose speech makes the most sense. Antonetti later learned that Lloris could be an excellent captain. Later, not only at the head of a young aggressive force Tottenham Hotspur, Lloris also led France to win the 2018 World Cup.

Interestingly, Lloris managed to become a great captain, not only because his speech made the most sense.

According to Lloris, the captain can not work alone because "he can be captain because he is part of a team". Thus, when his colleagues have useful information for the team, he will give him the opportunity to speak. Before the final match of the 2018 World Cup, against Croatia, July 15, 2018, he then gave the opportunity to Paul Pogba.

Surrounded by his colleagues, Pogba then said: "Boys, I do not want to talk too much, we all know where we are, we all know what we want, we all know how far we have gone."

"[...] We only have 90 minutes left to create our story ... Ninety minutes One game One game [...] Tonight, I want us to always be in the memory of all the French who attended our court, their children, their grandchildren and the children of their grandchildren, I want us to go out on the ground as knights, as leaders. "

Pogba then hit the table and other French players cheered as if they could not wait to play the match.

Pogba's words proved to be effective. In the match, France seemed really full of concentration and was able to follow the instructions of Didier Deschamps. Croatia certainly managed to trouble France, but it was limited to the galley. In the end, according to Pogba's wishes, France managed to create the story after a 4-2 win for 90 minutes.

Thanks to the internship given by Lloris, Pogba also received praise. Not only because of his appearance but also because of his leadership.

Amy Laurance, in one of her Guardian writings, called Pogba evolved.

It turned out that not only did the colorful haired player, who already existed on social media, be too expensive, but his appearance was blazing on the ground.

About 27 days ago, just in the opening game of the 2018-2019 Premier League season of August 11, 2018, Pogba was captain of Manchester United in Leicester City.

José Mourinho explained the choices he made. After the match, he told Sky Sports: "Last season, he became captain several times." The short coach added: "This [Manchester United] captain is [Antonio] Valencia, Valencia is not in competition, Paul is an option, this is his third season. academy and understands the condition of the club important issues and traditions of the club.With his colleagues in the locker room today, he gave a good example, complaining to participate. "

It is interesting to note that Pogba's selection as Manchester United captain during the match was probably not just a question of whether Pogba were leading Manchester United. Lately, Pogba has been deemed unable to make his best appearance at Manchester United. One reason is the relationship with Jose Mourinho.