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5 Investment Myths That Many People Often Trust

There are still many people who have not dared to start investing for a variety of reasons. Starting from the fear of losing funds, investments ignorant and reluctant to imagine the complexity of the investment. There is a lie about investing that trusts most people. That's why many people are afraid to invest, and some have even backed down because they believe in the myth.

Here's an investment myth that many people trust, according to Forbes.

1. Investment risk

Many think the investment is risky. It is true that investments, including equity investments, carry risks. They worry about the loss or loss of equity value, even if the value of the shares tends to rise if investors keep it for the long term.

In addition, some people do not understand the difference between saving shares and trading or trading shares. They fear that actions will die and lose many people.

2. Fear of losing all the money

It is not uncommon for people not to invest because they are afraid of losing all their money. Because there are people who lose their money because they invest in stocks. This happens to those who invest all the money they have in one or two shares of a given company.

Second, there are people who are trapped in ignorant investments and who believe in unofficial investment offers. Well, to avoid these two things, the key is not to invest all the money you have and pay attention to interesting offers from people regarding investments whose origin is unclear.

3. Investing is complicated

Who said the investment is complicated? It is a lie that is often trusted. The investment is easy. Potential investors should not bother going public to open stocks. The investment industry now makes it easy for those who want to invest in mutual funds, online equity investments and gold savings. Investors only need to deposit funds periodically in their investment accounts. So, the investment is easy.

4. requires a lot of time

Many people think that investing takes a lot of time because they have to see the evolution of stock prices. It's a bad understanding. Differentiate between investing with trading or trading of shares. You only need once to see it, you can not even watch it at all.

5. Need a lot of capital for investment

Most people think that it takes a lot of capital to start investing. It's the biggest investment. There is an investment platform that requires a small capital. Requires only IDR 100,000 to open an equity account.

Today, many stock seminars offer small capital stock accounts. In addition, Rupees 50,000 was enough to open a gold savings account in a pawnbroker. So who says investment needs big capital?

Investment is a savings option other than the use of banking services. But it must be understood, investments are made in the long term between 3 and 10 years. So do not expect a quick profit by investing, even if it could happen.