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Agrarian Conflict Season that Never Ends

October 10, 2016 night time, my cellular telephone rang. range that I don't recognize. I picked it up.

"good day, Kres. that is Mr. "The voice on the opposite quit of the cellphone greeted.

"How, sir?"

"Father in Jakarta."

"Why, what event?"

"there is a want. See you the following day at ICW, sure. Afternoon, eleven o'clock. "i have

not had time to mention, the telephone line has been disconnected.

As requested via Mr., the next day I met him at the Indonesia Corruption Watch office . At exactly 11 o'clock I arrived there, in Kalibata, South Jakarta. Bapak has been ready with four of his pals, farmers from Tulang Bawang, Lampung.

They got here to ICW to invite about the improvement of alleged corruption cases in the district where my father was on obligation, approximately 4 hours with the aid of avenue from Bandar Lampung. this situation concerned PT Bangun Nusa Indah Lampung (BNIL), a subsidiary of Bumi Waras, one of the antique organizations in Lampung engaged inside the palm oil, CPO and derivatives industries, biodiesel, rice, tapioca flour, sea transportation, marble, coal mines, mineral water , to the sugar industry. two weeks earlier they'd come to ICW to submit documents relating to alleged corruption.

After chatting for some time, I requested to be escorted to the Communion of churches in Indonesia (PGI) in Salemba, critical Jakarta. Hitching a car, alongside the manner you advised me about a case of land disputes in seven villages in the district.

initially, said Bapak, when citizens from diverse locations in Lampung participated within the impartial self-assisting transmigration program in 1986, part of the village spawning schedule. they may be positioned in 10,000 hectares of land. In its journey the land was taken over with the aid of PT BNIL via force thru the support of security forces.

The reason for the business enterprise is that the region occupied with the aid of transmigrant citizens is included in the PT Bangun Gaya current forest concession allow location. In 1988, the land changed into exceeded over by using the governor of Lampung to be labored on inside the manufacturing of forest commodity enterprise to three corporations which includes PT BNIL. for the duration of 1990 to 1993, organizations, thugs, infantrymen, and local officers tried to forcefully displace citizens' land and financial sources. Election was used, one of which turned into a number of residents compelled to signal a clean clean and then be rewarded Rp100 thousand. Later it become claimed as a land sale and purchase settlement.

"considering that then residents have resisted. From 1986 till now, there had been seven humans died due to this land dispute, "stated Mr.

The resistance of the community stricken by land disputes become once more carried out in 2015 while PT BNIL's land use allow was frozen via the Regent of Tulang Bawang, Hanan A. Rozak. The land taken from the original citizens planted with oil palm will get replaced by sugar cane plantations. but, because of environmental tactics, the regent revoked the allow.

"properly, on the quit of September until final October 1, citizens occupied the land. There are 2,000 residents who occupy the land, stressful that the land be back to residents because they see an opportunity, "stated Mr.

on the afternoon of October 1, citizens had been visited by using paramilitaries who called themselves Swakarsa safety. in step with you, the human beings are provoked via feelings. Clashes broke out. Dozens of motorized motors were burnt by the mob and a vehicle become broken.

"After that the citizens have been arrested via the police. You failed to pass there in the course of the riots. i might have prevented it there. because that is clearly a trick to weaken the citizen movement, "stated Mr.

Agrarian battle in Indonesia

Land disputes just like the story of Bapak are not the best one in Indonesia. The agrarian trouble or land on this country may be very complex. no longer handiest disputes between residents and businessmen as skilled by means of residents in Tulang Bawang, it isn't always uncommon for citizens to also face the kingdom, whose life rights are seized inside the name of "public interest".

in step with the Agrarian Reform Consortium , a country wide level non-authorities umbrella company mounted considering the fact that 1994, agrarian disputes in Indonesia have reached 450 conflicts at some stage in 2016. the general public of conflicts stand up from the plantation quarter (163), property (117) infrastructure (100), forestry (25) , mining (21), oil and gasoline (7), coastal-marine (10), and agriculture (7).

Conflicts within the plantation region except Tulang Bawang also arise in Langkat, North Sumatra. In early 2016, citizens of Mekar Jaya Village were evicted with the aid of PT Langkat Nusantara Kepong, a country-owned oil and rubber business enterprise. Clashes came about whilst the employer's heavy device damaged human beings's farmland.

in the infrastructure area, authorities tasks are often the cause.

The today's, as an example, came about in Sukamulya, West Java. On November 17, the agricultural land there has been seized for the development of the West Java global Airport. citizens have been shot at via tear gasoline by way of police. Seven farmers were arrested. Dozens of accidents. similar plans, and comparable rejection by using residents, are nonetheless turbulent in Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta .

inside the mining sector,karst exploitation efforts by means of PT Semen Indonesia in Rembang , imperative Java, also are lengthy tails. citizens who reject mining conflict with the authorities. residents filed a lawsuit to the preferrred court to assess the mining permit signed by means of Governor Ganjar Pranowo.

In October 2016, the splendid court docket received the citizens and ordered the governor to revoke the allow. nevertheless, the hassle is not right now completed. The authorities nevertheless insists that mining continues.

In coastal areas there are limitless conflicts which have befallen Salim Kancil, farmers of Selok Awar-Awar Village, Lumajang, East Java. He rejected iron sand mining in 2015. until now the struggle there has no longer been resolved.

The state-of-the-art case on the coast of Parangkusumo, Yogyakarta. Dozens of houses on the sandbank have been torn down on December 14, 2016 by using the Bantul Civil service Police Unit and a joint police and navy equipment.