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Enchanting Electric Scooters

Gogoro Inc., a Taiwanese company, launched a debate because it managed to develop a smart scooter or a smart electric scooter. Since the launch of the smartscooter in early 2015, they have developed two models of future electric scooters by successfully selling 30,000 units and building 400 battery charging stations.

This electric scooter can travel from 0 to 50 km / h in just 4.2 seconds. The maximum speed can reach 95 km per hour. The Gogoro scooter has the ease of use of the battery, the battery of this engine can be replaced instantly, for drivers who do not want to wait for the process of charging the battery.

In addition to its ability to run and its ease of use, this electric scooter carries, according to its name, "intelligence", and allows Gogoro to connect to Android and IOS smartphones applications.

The closing or unlocking process can use Apple Watch. This app also lets you know the location of the nearest GoStation and many other advanced features.

As a newcomer proposing future electric scooter activities, Gogoro has fascinated investors who wanted to invest in future two-wheel-drive activities, particularly by attracting the attention of the Singaporean group of companies, Temasek. Not so long ago, Temasek, with British Generation Investment Management, the Japanese companies Sumitomo Corporation and French ENGIE, returned 300 million US dollars.

"Temasek is well connected in Southeast Asia and it is our main market," said Horace Luke, CEO of Gogoro. "Southeast Asia is very similar to Taiwan, we did well in Taiwan, but the market is very limited."

Before Temasek was present at Gogoro, founder of the Tang Prize and chairman of Ruentex Group, Dr. Samuel Yin was an investor at Panasonic Corp. These companies have already disbursed $ 130 million in equity capital in 2015. In addition to Gogoro, developer of electric scooters Ather Energy has also received an injection of funds from various investors. One of them came from Hero Motocorp, which had acquired 30% of Ather shares worth 315 million rupees or 31.8 million dollars in 2016. This investment is part of the priority Motocorp to develop an environmentally friendly manufacturing.

"We are therefore involved in external ecosystems, including beginners in adjacent areas." We are confident that Mr. Ather will be one of the leaders in two-wheeled electric vehicles in India and around the world, "said Pawan Munjal. , CEO of Hero Motocorp.

New York-based Tiger Global is also looking into the development of electric motors in India.

In 2013, they also paid 12 million US dollars. In addition to the largest e-commerce company in India, Flipkart also disbursed US $ 1 million for Ather.

Tarun Mehta, CEO and co-founder of Ather Energy, said: "We believe that electric vehicles are the future and that India will be an important global player.Our vision is to move quickly and this investment will help us to make experience of the automotive industry. "

Investors' interest in immersing the capital of an electric motorcycle is inseparable from the belief that the world is moving towards eco-friendly and environmentally friendly vehicle products. Electric vehicles are seen as a way to escape environmental problems.

On the consumer side, higher fuel prices will cause buyers to leave the fossil fuel segment and use electric scooters because they are more efficient. Because electric motors only need 1 to 3 dollars to fully charge the battery over a distance of 128 km to 160 km.